New dishes in menu

Citrus tenderness 5.00EUR
Roll of salmon and pike perch 16.00EUR
Salmon fillet with bacon and nuts 13.50EUR
Tomato soup with bacon and cheese sandwich 5.60EUR
Paste with vegetables 5.50EUR
Rice with vegetables 5.50EUR
Soup puree with spinach 4.00EUR
Cauliflower soup 4.00EUR
Salad with arugula and avocado 5.00EUR
Salad with tomatoes and mozzarella 5.00EUR
Pasta with seafood 7.00EUR
Salad with red caviar 8.00EUR
Warm salad with duck fillet 7.90EUR
Warm turkey salad with prawns 7.60EUR
Warm salad with shrimps 7.00EUR
Salat broilerifileega 7.00EUR
Onions rings 2.90EUR
Squids rings 3.50EUR
Roll of turkey with apple, nuts and french plum 12.00EUR
Duck fillet with honey sauce 13.90EUR
Roll of beef with chanterelles 17.00EUR
Viva Italia 5.00EUR
Marzipan roll 5.00EUR